Wagner 905 Steamer Review

Product: Wagner 905 Power Steamer

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Wagner 905 Steamer Review
On-Demand Steam Provides Maximum Versatility and Power
The 905 Power Steamer features on-demand fingertip control for easy handling and precise cleaning. With just a touch of the button on the ergonomic handle, you can choose either continuous steam or intermittent steam to match the steamer's output to the job at hand.

Steam Cleaning Accessories for Versatile Use
The 905 Power Steamer comes with an assortment of steam cleaning accessories that will transform it from a wallpaper remover to a steamer that will clean and sanitize your home.

The 905 Power Steamer's system includes a wallpaper steam plate, floor cleaner attachment, window/tile squeegee, two extension tubes, and jet nozzle. For added convenience, there's also a measuring cup and funnel for filling the tank.

Portable Design Lets You Clean Anywhere
Cleaning around the house is made easy thanks to the 905 Power Steamer's smart design. The steam hose allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas, and the tank provides up to one hour of continuous steam with just a half gallon of water. Plus the steamer is lightweight, and its front and rear wheels make for easy mobility.

Removes Wallpaper in Just One Step
The 905 is Wagner's most powerful wallpaper remover, removing wallpaper up to 20 percent faster than non-pressurized steamers. The included wallpaper steam plate makes it easier than ever to remove wallpaper and paste without using any chemicals. Simply hold the steam plate flat against the wallpaper for 15-20 seconds; the steam will release the wallpaper's adhesive, letting you remove the paper with ease. This one-step process even works on multiple layers and vinyl.
"The Wagner 905 is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Within 20 minutes of it's arrival I had it out and the water heating in the unit to try it on all the things I thought about cleaning since I ordered it. It did not let me down. I love this power steam cleaner.
The cord is long enough to move the unit around from one chore to the other.

It cleans the drip pans on the stove with ease! Floors are a breeze to clean as well and the hand held power brush is great on the grout in the bathroom."

"I bought the Wagner 905 Steam Cleaner to replace a steam mop that had broken. I'm very impressed with the performance. I just bought a house and always thought the glass top stove could have been cleaner but just couldn't get it that way but with this steamer it is spotless. Can't wait to change out the wall paper to see how it does. And it does take a couple of minutes for it to heat up but it is well worth the wait."

"This is one powerful steam cleaner. I deliberated for a long time over which steam cleaner to purchase, but I am thoroughly satisfied with my decision. It made my old dingy carpet look like new without any chemicals. My husband has asthma, so clean, as dust-free as possible air is a priority in our home and it does actually seem like the steam killed any dust mites that might have been lurking in our apartment. This cleaner is a great investment for anyone who wants a truly clean home and especially for people who have or live with people who have asthma."

First let me say... I am an agonizer-analyzer. I read all of the reviews out there that I can find. I was down to this... the Shark vs. Wagner 905 steamers. Both seemed similar in reviews... I saved $5 bucks by purchasing the Wagner 905 Steamer. I received it 1 day earlier then expected. I opened the box and dug in (yes, I am also a person that doesn't necessarily read the instructions... until I can't get something to work that is.) Guess what? EVERYTHING worked without reading the instructions. Note to the wise, it is probably best if you do. I have since gone back to ensure I was operating the machine safely and correctly.

I LOVE IT! When people say in their reviews that they couldn't stop cleaning stuff, it is SOOOOOO true. These are the things I have cleaned so far. 3 kitchen sinks. I couldn't believe how clean they became. They are all stainless and shining like mad. I really do believe they are clean enough to eat out of them (not that I would). I have granite counters with this itty bitty grout between the sinks and the counters. I didn't realize they used white grout... oh my gosh, they look like they were just put in and they are 11 years old.

What else? Yes, I didn't stop there. I went over to the stove. It is stainless steel with gas fixtures and iron grates. Do you know how many cleaners I have purchased for the black metal top that have never made it look like it was really totally clean? MANY, MANY, MANY. This machine did it! And I honestly have to say, I didn't put any real elbow grease in at all. It lifted stains that I thought were permanent. It also removed a burn mark in the stainless steel which had been there for at least 3 years (with a lot of scrubbing that didn't take it away). And, after using the machine, it was really only a matter of wiping a little water residue away.

I really like the length of the handle/hose. I left it on top of one counter and was able to walk around the kitchen without worrying if the yellow beauty was going to fall off the counter or not reach where I wanted to take it. Gotta LOVE IT!

Ok, the above were only a few things that I cleaned in the first 15 minutes of opening the box. I probably could have cleaned more but I figured I would save my joy for another day.
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Wagner 905 Steamer Review
The Wagner 905 Power Steamer has 1,500 watts of pressurized steam that cleans and sanitizes deep within surfaces.

The steam destroys bacteria, dust spores, and mites and even eliminates mildew quickly and easily. Because the steamer operates without chemicals, it leaves no messy residue behind. You can safely steam hard surfaces, upholstery, and even carpet and everything from grimy barbeques and greasy stovetops to pillows and curtains.

The Wagner 905 can also be used to remove wallpaper AND paste without using chemicals.  Because no chemicals are used, it is much safer for your family and pets.  Other attachments included give you more cleaning power for windows, furniture, walls, upholstery, tile and much more!
Wagner 905 Steamer
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